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Cumberland, R.I. - B-Safe Industries introduces the Omni Jamb Spreader Hydraulic Door Jamb Spreader. The jamb spreader is a versatile tool which is used to open doors by forcing the jambs apart with three tons of horizontal force. This is a great tool when you are looking for the quiet entry. Simply place the spreader in the door frame just above the door handle pull to extend the bracing rod to set the spreader in place and pump the handle to extend the operating piston. Only 3/4" to 1" of spread is required to pop the latch or expose the mechanism. Can also be used for shoring, cribbing and rescue.

Features Include:
· Virtually Noiseless
· Lightweight - Only 17 Pounds
· Instantly Adjustable from 26" to 46"
· Fits Most Single Swing In Doors
· Fast Piston Extends Quickly
· Tactical Black Finish
· Can Be Used For Shoring, Cribbing and Rescue Operations
· Over 3 Tons Of Horizontal Force

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