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B-Safe Industries Assault Entry Kits and Door Jamb Spreaders are Great for the Job

Don't go on a mission without the right tools

LOS ANGELES - B-Safe Industries Assault Entry Kits and Door Jamb Spreaders are all you need to get the job done - for less! B-Safe's sets are the economical way to ensure you have what you need to ruin a bad guy's good time. B-Safe offers 5 Tactical Assault Entry Kits. These kits all vary, but each includes a 35lb ram with sling, super go bar with sling, and 10lb sledge. Additional products may be included in special packages with a duckbill padlocker breaker, go bar kit, and 27.5" bolt cutters.

The jamb spreader is a versatile tool which is used to open doors by forcing the jambs apart with three tons of horizontal force. This is a great tool when you are looking for the quiet entry. Simply place the spreader in the door frame just above the door handle pull to extend the bracing rod to set the spreader in place and pump the handle to extend the operating piston. Only 3/4" to 1" of spread is required to pop the latch or expose the mechanism. Can also be used for shoring, cribbing and rescue operations.

About B-Safe Industries
B-Safe holds a 20 year legacy of supplying premium forcible entry tools. Our breaching tools are basic and hardcore to consistently deliver maximum performance. Since 1987 we have supplied Law Enforcement, Military, Fire and Rescue the finest tools made of the strongest materials ensuring safety and reliability to get the job done. "Guaranteed to get you in fast, when the mission depends on it" is not only our mission statement, it's our promise.

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