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Oklahoma City to Host Wireless Mesh Network in Action Event on June 3

OKLAHOMA CITY — Tropos Networks:


The City of Oklahoma City - Fire, Police, Public Works and Information Technology. The president and CEO of Tropos Networks, Tom Ayers, will also be on site. Tropos provided the network infrastructure equipment that enabled us to efficiently deploy multiple applications on one network.


Learn how City staff puts the world’s largest city-owned and operated wireless network to use. Police officers, firefighters and Public Works inspectors will demonstrate how laptops installed in patrol cars, fire trucks and inspector’s cars give staff real-time, 24 hour access to information, resulting in improved productivity and increased customer service. The wireless network allows City personnel to accomplish many tasks including:

- Access criminal information
- File reports in the field
- Review site maps and floor plans
- Locate water hydrants
- View more than 300 video cameras
- Tropos’ wireless mesh network covers a 555 square-mile area with 95 percent service coverage in the city’s core. The network is used for City operations and is not available to the public. The $5 million network took more than two years to implement.


East side of City Hall, 200 N Walker


1:30 to 2:30 p.m., Tuesday, June 3. Mayor Cornett will be available from 2 – 2:15 p.m.


Kristy Yager, 863-2831

For Tropos
Scott Green, 650-679-9044
For Oklahoma City
Kristy Yager, 405-297-2550

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