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In Motion Technology Launches Next-Generation Mobile Communications for Law Enforcement

onBoard™ Mobile Gateway LE Improves Situational Awareness, Incident Coordination and Streamlines Responses

Vancouver, Canada, June 23, 2008 - In Motion Technology, a leader in wireless mobile communications for public safety organizations, today announced the release of the onBoard™ Mobile Gateway LE, a mobile networking solution engineered specifically for the needs of law enforcement agencies.

The onBoard™ Mobile Gateway LE is a multi-network wireless communications platform that enables broadband applications, including video. Once installed in vehicles, it provides officers with unmatched communications connectivity, security and reliability.  The Gateway seamlessly switches between commercial cellular, municipal WiFi, private cellular and other wireless networks according to administrator-defined policies to ensure emergency communications get through instantaneously.  No longer will police communications be hindered by network congestion, bandwidth limitations, or dead zones.  The Gateway is also field-upgradable to accommodate emerging network technologies, assuring that the fleet will continue to be served by the best available broadband services.

To communicate from the field today, most law enforcement vehicles are equipped with a laptop computer supporting mobile applications using a single wireless network.  However, if the network is unavailable, officers are completely "out of touch," increasing risk and hampering response times.  For new applications such as video, this existing network configuration is unable to deliver the required throughput and connectivity.

The Gateway is always on and provides worry-free connectivity.  And because the Gateway is engineered for mobile, mission-critical data networking, it is more reliable than using laptops or cell phones as networking devices.  The Gateway allows officers to focus on their mission -- protecting lives and property -- and have confidence that critical communications are successful.

The Gateway creates a “vehicle area network” for all on-board data communications, including laptop applications, surveillance cameras, ticket writing and printing devices, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, fingerprint scanners and a variety of other law enforcement tools. These devices remain connected in and around the vehicle, allowing officers to receive dispatch information, complete reports, send and receive emails, and access databases without being tied to the vehicle.

In addition to improving emergency communications in the field, In Motion’s solution also helps agencies streamline emergency responses by providing dispatchers and commanders with better, more complete fleet intelligence.  The onBoard™ Mobility Manager provides complete mobile IT management by continuously collecting and analyzing information from Gateway-equipped vehicles to enable the command center to:

  • Monitor the status of communications networks;
  • “Reach through” and administer on-board devices;
  • Collect real-time vehicle performance and operations data, including gas mileage, fuel and coolant levels, operating hours, and engine efficiency, among other vital statistics; and
  • Monitor the location, direction, and speed of the vehicles via on-board GPS.

In Motion Technology’s comprehensive communications solution provides law enforcement agencies with:

  • Faster Response Times – The Gateway enables agencies to use higher bandwidth communications than current analog networks, allowing the latest, map-based dispatch technologies to be deployed to ensure dispatches are communicated securely and reliably.
  • Lower Risk and More Effective Responses – Improved data communications provides command and control staff with greater intelligence from the incident scene, and gives units in the field greater access to information, improving overall incident coordination.
  • Lower Costs and More Efficient Operations – Improved mobile data communications means fewer trips to the station, reducing fuel consumption, and allowing crews to spend more time in the field.   And by allowing public safety organizations to use municipal wireless networks where available, the Gateway can also reduce communications costs.
  • A “Future-Proof” Communications Platform – Field-upgradable technology enables future evolution of mobile broadband services without disrupting the mobile application environment.

“We are pleased to offer a mobile networking solution engineered for the demands of law enforcement agencies,” said Kirk Moir, CEO of in Motion Technology.  “We believe the Gateway LE will usher in a new era of police communications and provide law enforcement agencies with reliable communications that will reduce risk and costs and enable faster response times.”

In Motion Technology
In Motion Technology provides cognitive wireless systems that enable public safety organizations to stay connected while in motion. The company’s complete vehicle area network solution ensures that any IP device can be useful in the field immediately with no modification, connecting to headquarters over the most reliable communications network available. In Motion Technology solutions have been successfully deployed in high-performance EMS, Police and Fire departments in the US and Canada.  Founded in 2002, In Motion Technology is based in Vancouver, BC. For more information, please call Louise Labuda (In Motion Technology) at (604) 523-2371 ext. 538 or Michael Rubin (Rubin|Meyer) at (202) 898-0995, or visit www.inmotiontechnology.com.

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