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Saltus Technologies and San Francisco-based Presynct Technologies Form Partnership

Companies to Work Together to Provide a Unique Offering for Law Enforcement Agencies

Tulsa, Okla. – Saltus Technologies, the Tulsa-based developer of the mobile electronic ticketing solution digiTICKET, has signed a partnership agreement with San Francisco-based Presynct Technologies.

digiTICKET increases productivity and decreases costs by automating the ticketing process for law enforcement agencies. The Presynct field-based reporting solution Presynct_AFR provides agencies with all the tools needed to create, process, distribute, store, archive, retrieve and share incident reports using web-based software.

The partnership between Saltus and Presynct will involve joint marketing and integration of systems to enhance the sharing of data for law enforcement customers. When combined, digiTICKET and Presynct create a unique offering that cannot be matched in today’s marketplace.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Presynct,” said Eric Fultz, President and CEO of Saltus Technologies. “Their field-based reporting solution and organization are very similar to Saltus. Both companies believe in, and deliver, highly configurable solutions that are easy to use and provide significant value to our customers from day one. We look forward to working together to deliver even greater value to our customers through a combined offering.”

"Having the ability to offer e-ticketing to our current and future customers is a great way to keep Presynct competitive,” said Tim Pakes, Vice President of Slaes and Marketing for Presynct Technologies. “Saltus was the logical choice when existing e-ticketing solutions were compared side-by-side."

About Saltus Technologies
Saltus Technologies is dedicated to developing and marketing mobile electronic ticketing solutions to law enforcement, government agencies and the private industry. Electronic ticketing can create an attractive return on investment when replacing the process of handwritten tickets. The leaders of Saltus Technology bring a heritage of mobile software development dating back to 1997. For more information, visit www.saltustechnologies.com.

About Presynct Technologies
Presynct Technologies, Inc. has more than 20 years of experience in the public safety and healthcare markets. Presynct Report Network is the only incident reporting software that is forms-based at the data entry level with agency-native forms built in. Presynct_AFR integrates with proprietary systems that are compatible with industry standards, for more information, visit http://www.presynct.com.


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