Digital notebook helps Metro Vancouver Transit Police automate data collection

SceneDoc's digital notebook solution saves an hour of paperwork per officer per day, automates data collection processes, and aids in information sharing between agencies

VANCOUVER — As technology advances, professionals across all industries are finding ways to bring their work into the digital era. Using traditional paper notebooks and pens to record information created several problems for the Metro Vancouver Transit Police (MVTP). Poor handwriting, lack of note-taking uniformity, no searchable way to discover information contained within the notebooks and an inability to share information in real time were all key issues.

Recently, CJ Kyle, inspector, administrative services at the Metro Vancouver Transit Police, made the decision to switch her team to a digital notebook solution. Using Samsung mobile devices, such as the Galaxy S8+, equipped with SceneDoc, the MVTP now digitally records the details of their workday.

Since switching to a digital notebook solution, the MVTP has reduced paperwork time by an hour each day for each officer, automated their data collection process and improved information sharing with other departments. The use of digital notebooks by the police force has also enabled command central to make better policing decisions with real-time access to critical information such as case files, the location of officers and real-time situation updates, including the streaming of on-scene video clips and images.

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SceneDoc is public safety’s first all-in-one mobile software for data collection and retrieval. By modernizing with SceneDoc, agencies operate with higher levels of clarity and control, with fewer moving parts, capturing data and reporting at the point of need.

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