Laser Technology, Inc. Launches Contest with Chances to Win Free Lasers

Centennial, Colo. – Laser Technology, Inc (LTI) recently launched a new marketing campaign, called “Stories From the Field,” that allows any member of law enforcement a chance to win a speed enforcement laser for their department. Entrants simply need to visit and submit their most interesting, strangest or funniest experience in the field. Once a story is submitted, it is first approved and posted on the website for others to read and vote on. For every 15 stories or on a monthly basis, a panel of judges vote for “the best story” and then awards a laser to the winner. Steven from Kansas, James from Kentucky, James from Louisiana and Grant from Florida have all won a TruSpeed Laser since the contest started.

“Our intent in promoting this ‘Stories from the field’ contest is to gain a better understanding of what law officers are up against when they are on duty protecting our streets. If we can better understand their daily challenges, we can potentially create products that make their job better, easier and safer. It’s also just a fun way to engage our customers. The stories so far have been unbelievable and quite entertaining,” says Paul Adkins, Laser Technology’s Marketing Communications Manager.

This promotional contest is still active and may be continuing on into the first quarter of 2011. Again, anyone active in law enforcement can enter the contest simply by submitting their experience in the field right online at The winner is chosen based on (a) originality; (b) excitement; (c) humor; and (d) a sense of realism.

LTI revolutionized traffic enforcement with the introduction of the very first laser speed device. This was a major breakthrough because it enabled the law enforcement community to pinpoint an individual vehicle in dense traffic and gave them a tool unaffected by radar detectors. LIDAR, which stands for light detection and ranging, is at the heart of their measurement devices. It is truly LTI’s specialty. From speed enforcement to crash scene investigations, law enforcement agencies around the world have utilized LTI’s laser-based equipment for years. LTI offers a full range of LIDAR solutions including ones for tailgating enforcement, photo/video-based speed enforcement and statistical data collection. Simply put, LTI technology helps save lives.

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