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COBAN Technologies Releases the COBAN EDGE Vision In-Car Digital Recording and ALPR System

COBAN Technologies has taken their newest and most advanced product, the COBAN EDGE in-car digital video recording system and combined it with their new Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system to create the new EDGE Vision. The EDGE Vision, allows officers to automatically capture H.264 video as well as images of license plates and compare them against a continuously updated in-car database.

The EDGE Vision dual search feature allows the department to define the frequency with which the scanned images are uploaded to the server. Images of scanned plates are also kept in the car for up to ten days for quick in-car query by the officer. Once images are uploaded, they can be searched by plate numbers, scanned time, and locations using COBAN DVMS backend software. License plates are stored with GPS Coordinates showing where the scan or hit occurred. Officers can search for license plates using Microsoft MapPoint® software and COBAN’s DVMS either from the departments computer workstations or from inside the vehicle.

The EDGE Vision incorporates two ALPR cameras into a single, compact, rugged housing. A license plate capture camera uses an infrared lens to focus on the details of the license plate, at the same time a color overview camera captures the vehicle image and its surroundings. Finally, a camera installed perpendicular to the vehicle captures license plates of parked vehicles. This feature combined with the EDGE Vision’s user time-frame defined chalk mode capability, alerts officers about areas that have been patrolled and reminds users to make return tours.

The EDGE Vision system allows departments to import hotlists and whitelists from several different sources (federal, state, and local) using fifteen custom import fields. These lists are pushed to the in-car system using a pre-scheduled automated procedure so that there is no need for users to manually manage the databases. Users also have the ability to add hot plates to their in-car database as needed during their shifts.

The EDGE Vision comes loaded with pre-defined audio alerts that can be used for a quick deployment within a department but also provides administrators the freedom to import custom audio alerts to suit the department’s protocols. Like all of COBAN’s products, the EDGE Vision system works With Existing Windows® Based In-Car MDC’s or Laptops as well as our COBAN Digital Video Management (DVMS), Back Office application. The DVMS stores and manages the life-cycle of plate images and metadata as well as all video recordings that are captured via the departments in-car video systems.

The COBAN EDGE Vision utilizes a large, 5.7” touch screen monitor with easy to read, on-screen buttons that provide exceptional functionality. New users quickly adapt to and utilize the system and officers can be trained in a matter of minutes on all of the functions and features.

The EDGE Vision offers users all of the features and functionality of the EDGE in-car digital video recording system and adds the ability to automatically scan, read, and compare license plates of parked and moving vehicles on the fly.

 For more information on the COBAN EDGE or other solutions from COBAN, please visit www.CobanTech.com.

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