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Woman’s Life Saved using Vigilant Solutions’ License Plate Recognition (LPR) Data

Livermore, Calif. – Vigilant Solutions proudly announces today that its license plate recognition (LPR) data and online investigative tools were credited with saving a Florida woman’s life.

Detective Dan Cucchi of Coral Springs Police Department reports, “On July 13th, 2011, an eighty-four-year-old resident contacted us to report her forty-nine-year-old daughter missing. There had been a recent death in the family, and after her daughter failed to answer her cell phone for more than a week, the mother became very concerned for her daughter’s well-being.”

“We immediately logged into our Vigilant Solutions’ account and searched historical LPR data for the daughter’s vehicle. We found three sightings of the daughter’s vehicle in just the prior month, captured by Vigilant license plate readers (LPR) deployed on commercial vehicles and shared with law enforcement, and all three were at the same address in Boca Raton. We immediately drove to the location and located the daughter’s vehicle. After making contact with the property management, we were able to locate the daughter’s apartment. We knocked, but there was no answer. Concerned for the woman’s safety, and with a key provided by property management, we attempted to enter the apartment. Unfortunately the door was latched from the inside. Our Detective called out for the woman and heard a soft moan, at which point – with assistance from property management – we made entry into the apartment,” continues Cucchi.

Cucchi adds, “The woman was found on the floor, sick, severely dehydrated, and unable to care for herself. Emergency personnel responded and stated that the woman had been without food or water for several days. Her condition was critical, and she was very near death. Clearly, the information provided from Vigilant saved this woman’s life.”

Pierre Leroy, Chief Executive Officer for Vigilant states, “We are extremely proud to have played a role in saving this life, but the credit goes to the concerned detectives and emergency responders that went to this woman’s aid. We applaud them for their heroic efforts.”

About Vigilant Solutions:
Based in Livermore, California, Vigilant Solutions is an industry-leading pioneer of innovative intelligence solutions that help law enforcement protect officers, families and communities. For additional information, visit www.vigilantsolutions.com.

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