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Digital Ally, Inc. To Supply In-Car Digital Video Systems To West Virginia State Police

All State, County and Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies In West Virginia Authorized To Purchase Digital Ally Systems

LEAWOOD, Kansas – Digital Ally, Inc. (OTC: DGLY), which develops, manufactures and markets advanced video surveillance products for law enforcement, homeland security and commercial security applications, today announced that it has received an initial purchase order from the West Virginia State Police for its DVM-500 Compact In-Car Digital Video Systems, which are integrated into police vehicle rear-view mirror units.

Digital Ally has entered into a contract with the state police organization, with an effective date of January 1, 2007, that extends for a period of one year and can be renewed, upon mutual consent of the parties involved, for two successive one-year periods. The contract allows for all state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies within the State of West Virginia to purchase DVM-500 systems under the same terms and conditions as those provided the West Virginia State Police. The State Police has placed an initial order for 124 DVM-500 systems. Orders from various individual law enforcement agencies throughout the State are being received as well.

“Law enforcement professionals are using more technology than ever before, and our DVM systems require less space in the patrol car than competing products,” noted Stanton E. Ross, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Ally, Inc. “With laptop computers, radios, radar guns, shotgun racks, and in-car video systems, there is very little room left in a police car. By integrating our state-of-the-art digital video technology into a rear-view mirror unit, Digital Ally’s GPS-enabled Compact Digital In-Car Video Systems retain the original utility of the mirror, while gaining the benefits of an in-car video system, thus freeing up critically important space elsewhere in the vehicle.”

“The West Virginia State Police and the Charleston Police Department tested and evaluated our DVM-500 for several months, and we are extremely pleased to enter into a contract that authorizes all law enforcement agencies in the State to purchase and install our in-car digital video systems in their vehicles,” continued Ross. “This is our first state-wide contract and represents an exciting start to the New Year. We are negotiating with a number of other state police organizations and are optimistic that 2007 will be a year of impressive growth for Digital Ally.”

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