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Digital Eyewitness® ION In-car Video System from Kustom Signals

The Digital Eyewitness® ION is Kustom Signals latest in-car digital video system that is simple to purchase, simple to implement and easy to use. "We realize that researching and purchasing a digital video system can be confusing and with that in mind, we designed the ION to be an easy transition into digital video for current VHS users and first time video buyers," Dave Teeter, Product Manager.

The ION includes critical pre-event recording, automatic record activations such as light bar, siren, microphone, GPS and crash-detection activation. Additionally, the wireless audio system is automatically activated when the recording begins and automatically muted when recording stops. The automation of the ION ensures that officer's capture critical video and audio evidence without diverting their attention from the violator.

The ION doesn't require a back-office server or storage. It features DVD-RAM discs and removable hard drive media options that you can store on a shelf just like VHS tapes, allowing a department to use their existing evidence handling procedures to maintain a chain of custody.

The ION's playback packages are installed on a PC for easy playing, viewing and burning of copies for the courtroom while maintaining evidence integrity.

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