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Ticket Board Testimonials

"Every Police Officer knows that traffic enforcement is one of the most dangerous tasks that we do, and night time traffic stops elevate the risk level. I have found with the Ticket Board these risks are greatly reduced. The board alleviates the need to turn on the dome light, fumble with the license and registration papers and the need to look in different places for your time, date and next court date. The Ticket Board is also a MUST for Motorcycle Officers. No need to balance the flashlight and, again, fumble with paper work. The Ticket Board provides all the light you need as well as all the room you need to hold the operators papers and fits into your saddle bag or duty bag, taking up little room. The idea of being able to add accessories is also great, you're not locked in to just a basic board, there's always room for improvement. Being assigned to both traffic enforcement and motorcycle patrol I can say that the Ticket Board is an essential part of my everyday equipment and I can't stress enough how great it is to use. I don't know how I've gone this long without it."

Police Officer Pete C.
Traffic Unit
Village of Ossining Police
Ossining, New York

"Holy cow this thing is cool!!! I honestly didn't really know what to expect, but I absolutely love it! I've used it a ton already, and haven't had to charge it yet. My squad mates and a couple guys on the traffic unit are pretty jealous."


"The Ticket Board is definitely not another one of those cop toys. It's a patrol tool that is cleverly designed and well constructed. As an FTO, I'm always looking for things to help teach Officer safety. The Ticket Board is something that helps generate that safety. No more trying to tuck the flashlight under the arm, write the citation, and hold the driver's information...all while trying to keep an eye on the vehicle. To have everything tactically lit, magnified, and in one place is a stress reliever immediately. The light weight also reduces the danger of someone using it as a weapon against you versus the traditional metal citation book. All this plus lifetime LED's, and it's rechargeable...the Ticket Board is one of the best tools to have come out in a long time!




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