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Just The Facts About Ticket Board

The primary feature of the Ticket Board™ is the the illuminated license magnifier. The receiver is designed to accept both horizontal and vertical format drivers licenses. Insert a license in the provided slot and a self-actuated switch illuminates the viewer window. This enables the traffic officer to read the license without turning on the dome light or fumbling with a flashlight.

Just below the viewer window are three LCD panels which are easily set for time (military or standard), date, and next court date.

Moving down the face of the board, there's a set of rail guides designed to accept two additional licenses. This rail system also doubles as a mount for optional slide in accessories including document clips, voice recording device and more. See the "Accessories" for more information on the various accessories offered for your Ticket Board.

The area of the Ticket Board™ that holds the actual ticket in place is illuminated with its own separate lighting eliminating the need for a flashlight or overhead dome light during evening and nighttime hours.

The ticket writing surface measures 4.5" wide by 11.5" high and accommodates most standard size vertical format traffic citations. Note: If your citation is wider than 4.5" or is formatted horizontally, there are adapters that can be added to the Ticket Board™ for alternate citation formats and sizes. See the Purchase page for more information on these adapters.


  • Ticket Board™ is approximately 9" wide,12" long and weighs less than 2 pounds!
  • The Ticket Board™ is available in both right handed (as shown) and left handed models.
  • Includes convenient pen holder and a ball-point pen.
  • Ticket Board is strong, durable, lightweight and weather-resistant.
  • All of the Ticket Board™ light sources are energized by an internal power pack. The power pack can be recharged over and over with any ordinary 12 volt automobile outlet via the standard cable furnished with your Ticket Board™.
  • 10 minute automatic shut-off timer maximizes battery life.
  • Space is available to attach traffic codes to eliminate carrying separate "crib sheets".
  • The Ticket Board is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. Click here for details.
  • Best of all, you can own your very own Ticket Board™ for only $64.95 (U.S. funds, plus shipping and handling and applicable sales tax).


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