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Ticket Board™ Revolutionizes Traffic Stops

Innovative New Device Is Becoming Standard Issue for Traffic Enforcement Personnel

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Anyone involved in traffic enforcement knows the dangers associated with traffic stops, especially those stops that occur at night. The revolutionary new illuminated Ticket Board takes the safety of roadside traffic stops to the next level.

Created by a police officer with over 20 years experience, the Ticket Board is designed to overcome the most challenging elements posed to patrol officers, state troopers and other safety personnel who are required to write traffic citations. "As a patrolman, I know the potential hazards and hassles of traffic stops, particularly when they occur after dark," he explains. "I designed the Ticket Board with these challenges in mind." Today, what started as one cop's idea to make his job a bit safer has turned into an entire organization specifically dedicated to helping every peace officer increase the safety of his or her traffic stops.

Since its introduction earlier this year, those who have seen the Ticket Board are truly amazed at everything it accomplishes and many departments are ordering a Ticket Board for every patrol officer as standard issue equipment.

The Ticket Board features several innovative concepts to help make traffic stops as safe as possible. First, there is the lighted writing surface to illuminate the citation. Four LED's shine white light down the length of the ticket so that there is no more fumbling, trying to hold a flashlight under one arm or turning on the dome light in the patrol car. Next there is the magnified and lighted viewer for the operator's license or other similar identification card. Slide the license into the receiver and multiple white LED's totally light the surface. Looking through the magnifier provides a clear view of the license and all of the vital information it contains with no additional light source necessary. In addition, the license is snuggly held in place to virtually eliminate the chance of dropping it on the road or losing it between the seats of the patrol vehicle.

There are several other features built into the Ticket Board to make life easier for the user. Three lighted LCD's display the current date, time and for those jurisdictions that require it, the date the defendant must appear in court. There are also two additional lighted slots that can hold two more standard sized identification cards or these same slots can be used to house several accessories available for the Ticket Board. These accessories include a clip to hold papers related to the stop like proof-of-insurance cards and a calculator for those who are required to calculate the cost of the fines before issuing the citation. In order to facilitate the variations in the size and format of the ticket blanks, several adaptors have been developed to accommodate wider format vertical tickets as well as horizontal format citations. There are also great add-ons for the Ticket Board to help with the storage and organization of issued citations, ticket books, pens, and more. You can review and purchase the Ticket Board and all of its accessories online at www.policeticketboard.com or by calling toll-free (800) 427-9950.

Ticket Board, Inc., located in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, specializes in bringing to market products that help increase the safety of those in law enforcement and related professions. For more information about our products or to inquire about volume purchases, please call (800) 427-9950.

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