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American Traffic Solutions Will Unveil Enhanced Red-light and Speed Camera Enforcement Systems at IACP Conference in San Diego

115th Annual IACP Conference & Exposition
Booth #923

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Attendees at Novembers International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in San Diego November 9-11, 2008 will get a sneak peak at American Traffic Solutions (ATS) newest and most sophisticated photo enforcement technology at booth #923 at the San Diego Convention Center. ATS provides red-light and speed camera programs in more than 125 communities across the U.S.

We endeavored to create the next generation of photo-enforcement technology that will add value to the public safety programs deployed by our law enforcement partners across the country, said James Tuton, President and CEO of ATS. To that end, weve incorporated advanced imaging features, enhanced security and options that will allow our clients to use their photo enforcement cameras to support other public safety tasks.

The new equipment includes a re-designed outer enclosure with sleeker lines. The more aesthetically pleasing look ensures that ATS new technology provides the smallest footprint in the photo enforcement industry, which means it blends well into any streetscape. Communities have told us they want smaller, sleeker cameras and poles along their roads and in their intersections, said Tuton. Our new design meets that need.

Another major enhancement is a 25 percent increase in image resolution over ATS previous industry leading camera. The new 16 mega-pixel camera features up to three times more resolution than other photo-enforcement cameras in the market. The benefit of increased resolution is higher levels of automation and prosecutable images than was possible with previous technology. More violations will be detected and cited, resulting in safer streets for drivers and pedestrians.

Program integrity and data security will be enhanced for ATS customers with the addition of real-time integrated imprinting of violation information on digital images and video at the time violations actually occur. The imprinting includes real-time encryption and watermarking to ensure tamper-proof integrity. ATS is also launching a new feature called Intelligent Sub-Image Segmentation which decreases violation processing time and provides multi-camera images housed within a single camera unit.

ATS new system will have the capability of automatically recognizing license plates and will be able to send immediate alerts to public safety personnel on the ground. These features can be used to support Amber Alert notifications and locate wanted and stolen vehicles.

Our new system is years ahead of any technology or solution offered by our competitors anywhere in the world, said Tuton. We continue to drive innovation that leads the industry with the most advanced, and highest performance photo-enforcement systems available in the marketplace.

The first installation of the enhanced Axsis RLC-300 Red-light and Speed Enforcement Systems is scheduled in the first quarter of 2009.

About American Traffic Solutions, Inc.
American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is a leading provider of technology and business solutions for traffic safety and electronic toll collection programs worldwide, including PlatePass®, which is an automated electronic toll payment service that enables Avis, Budget and Hertz customers to use high speed, cashless electronic toll lanes. ATS is a private corporation, which serves more than 125 municipalities and government agencies. ATS is the largest provider of photo traffic enforcement programs to Americas big cities with active programs in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., St. Louis, San Diego and Seattle; Houston, Fort Worth, Irving and Arlington, Texas; New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Glendale and Scottsdale, Arizona. ATS also serves Canadas largest digital red-light camera and speed enforcement program in Calgary, Alberta. The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ. For additional information, visit www.redlightcamera.com or www.atsol.com.

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