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Waukegan, Illinois Police Chief Looks to Improve Public Safety With Gatso Traffic Cameras

Gatso's Photo Enforcement System Provides Police Department With AMBER Alert Capability

Beverly, MA--(Marketwire) - Gatso USA, a leading-edge traffic photo enforcement solutions provider, announced today that it will deploy its flagship GS11 red-light photo enforcement camera system to the city of Waukegan, Illinois, a north suburb of Chicago. Waukegan, a city of nearly 100,000 residents, is part of a growing list of communities in Illinois and other states that have taken a progressive stance to reduce vehicular accidents and improve driver behavior with Gatso's photo enforcement solutions.

The decision to install Gatso's GS11 photo enforcement system at several intersections in Waukegan came after an extensive evaluation was conducted by the city's police department, noted Waukegan's police chief, Bill Biang. "We are quite familiar with photo enforcement systems and have a solid understanding of their utility. Waukegan was looking to expand its photo enforcement program with additional system features that could further enhance public safety in a way that would not be a financial burden to the city," noted Biang.

"One feature we were particularly impressed with in Gatso's system was the AMBER Alert, which will enable the Waukegan Police Department to search in real time for vehicles suspected in child abductions and other serious crimes at intersections within the city's network of enforcement cameras. Furthermore, Gatso's detection technology can determine a true speed measurement, which our previous system did not provide," added Biang.

"As public officials, we are fully aware of our responsibility to the community to ensure the highest level of public safety while effectively managing a limited budget. Gatso's approach offered us a way to keep current with the latest in traffic safety technology by means of a 100% violator-funded program," added Biang.

"Gatso offers communities a beneficial cost structure that minimizes their financial risk while providing them easy access to industry-leading technology. With no capital outlay or monthly camera fees, users are charged a modest service transaction fee per traffic violation, which pays for the system's entire operation. We like to think our business model is as innovative as our technology," said Andrew Noble, President of Gatso USA.

"We believe our approach provides such a win-win opportunity -- and our expanding customer base reinforces that our unique solutions are providing real value to communities across the country," added Noble.

About Gatso
For more than 50 years Gatso has been providing world-class photo enforcement systems to law enforcement and transportation agencies at the federal, state and local levels. Spanning 60 countries and 45,000 camera installations, Gatso continues to be the pioneer in leading edge traffic enforcement systems. Earning vast government technical approvals, globally, Gatso has set the standard in the US market by providing the first digital traffic camera to the market in 1998 through to introducing unprecedented AMBER Alert capabilities in 2008.

Gatso USA is headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts with offices in Arizona, Illinois and Ohio. For additional information please visit our website www.gatso-usa.com.

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