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Control Wand Product to Ensure No Confusion for Motorists

Control Wand

Basically it works under the principle of the traffic light colours and therefore easy to understand what the police officer wants you to do.

It is an aluminium body torch with a removable plastic wand. The plastic wand changes colour between red (stop) and green (go) at the push of a button- perfect for vehicle check points and RTAs. It also contains your standard LED torch which is detachable and can be used itself. All lights are powered by 1 watt LEDS and AAA batteries are used to keep the product as small as possible. And best of all it is stored with a small pouch on the officers belt meaning its always close to hand.

Since its launch the product is under trial by police forces in the UK, America, Canada, Australia, Africa, Spain and Holland to name a few with many others requesting trials.

Managing Director Darren Fenton says “The product really is going to change the way police officers control traffic and reduce the confusion on the driver which will hopefully make it safer for the officer.”

The product has many benefits for the officer and aims to reduce the amount of equipment carried. It is the aim of Control Wand Ltd that the product will be used around the world and therefore be the standard method of stopping and signalling to cars, so no matter where in the world the driver is from, it is clear of the officers intentions.

But it doesn’t stop at police forces, it is also suitable for army, fire departments, and customs officer. To meet the demand of other customers, two other versions have been released. Red and yellow lights for airplane marshalling and flashing red and white for motorist for assistance in breakdown/ flat tyres.

To learn more of the Control Wand or to request a sample, please visit www.controlwand.com

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