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All Traffic Solutions Announces Major Advancement in Radar Speed Sign Technology

New SPEEDsentry® Shield Features Twice the Display Area for Digits, but at Less than Half the Weight of Other Models. 

“This next generation model will reshape how departments interact with and utilize traffic safety equipment.”    ~ Scott Johnson, Vice President of All Traffic Solutions.

 The all-new SPEEDsentry® Shield from All Traffic Solutions is the result of years of customer research and advanced engineering. The sign raises impact through a doubled display area, yet is less cumbersome thanks to a considerably slimmer, trimmer design. The new light-weight, durable sign addresses key elements of concern to users, including law enforcement agencies and departments of public works.

Most Portable, Flexible Sign on the Market
The SPEEDsentry® Shield with 15” digits is incredibly compact, measuring at just 24” X 17” X 3.12” and weighing only 22 lbs, including its battery.  The sleek design isn’t just for looks. Departments can easily transport several signs right in the passenger seat of a patrol car, plus the lightweight structure makes maneuvering and installing the sign easier than ever. Visibility remains high thanks to auto-dimming 30° LEDs that combine with glare-resistant, UV-protected Lexan for increased contrast and digit visibility.

Environmentally-Friendly and More Efficient with Optimized Power Options
In a time when concerns for both the environment and departmental efficiencies are paramount, the Shield’s lithium ion batteries and solar assist option are welcome features. The Li-ion batteries provide a longer life in a smaller package. Departments can expect to achieve up to two weeks of running time between charges depending upon road conditions and sign settings, resulting in noticeably less time spent on changing batteries. The solar assist component provides 20W of power and is ideal for more permanent installations.

Device Management and Alerts
Users will save valuable time through available management and alert features. Settings for the Shield can be established through onboard buttons or via optional PDA with Bluetooth® technology.
The SPEEDsentry® Shield allows for several mounting configurations, including pole, trailer or vehicle mounts. Once brackets are in place, installation literally takes just seconds. And while the sign is easy to transport and install, it remains durable and tamperproof with welded aluminum enclosure, shatterproof shield, impact-absorbing corners, and graffiti-resistant powder-coat surfaces. Plus, torx screws prevent unwanted access.

All in all, the Shield is designed for curb appeal, optimal functionality, increased impact, and robust reporting and management. The device marks a major step in radar speed sign technology from a producer of leading-edge traffic calming innovations.

For additional information on the SPEEDsentry® Shield, or All Traffic Solutions, please contact Lori Miles, Marketing & Internal Communications Manager, at 814-237-9005 x 205.

All Traffic Solutions, a division of Intuitive Control Systems, LLC, is headquartered in State College, PA.  This progressive company engineers and manufactures leading-edge traffic safety and management tools for Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Management, Public Works and private enterprises. Products are modular, interchangeable and forward compatible.

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