Eustace School District Receives Radar Speed Display from All Traffic Solutions

Students and residents benefit from grant from All Traffic Solutions.

State College, PA -- All Traffic Solutions, the leader in solutions for traffic safety outcomes, recently had the honor of awarding Eustace Independent School District in Eustace, TX with a radar speed display sign.  The school district participated in a national competition sponsored by All Traffic Solutions and was one of two schools to be selected to receive a radar speed display.   School officials, the mayor and members of the police department gathered on February 19th with Ted Graef, President of All Traffic Solutions for a ceremony to celebrate the delivery and installation of the sign.

Ted Graef, in his remarks to the Eustace School District and community officials, commended Eustace on the quality of its grant proposal and noted, “The School Zone Safety grant program was started when we realized that many communities could benefit from a radar speed display, but could not fit it into their budgets, especially in the current economic environment.”

Mike Tayem of the Eustace Police Department spearheaded the grant submission effort on behalf of the school.  He sees the addition of the sign as the addition of another police officer.  The local force for the town of 1300 residents is stretched thin and is limited to having only one officer on the street at a time.

Dr. Coy Holcombe, Superintendent of the Eustace Independent School District, noted that the sign has had an immediate effect. “Parents and school staff members have called to thank me for the sign.  Everyone is admitting to the same thing – driving much faster than they should in a school zone. The sign is changing behavior.”  Holcombe continues on to explain, “We have a multi-street school zone and people tend to forget whether they are in it or not.  The new sign provides a much needed reminder.”

The school district will share the traffic data collected by the sign with the local police department, the mayor’s office and city council so that they can collectively assess ways to improve traffic safety in the community and to most efficiently use their resources.

Lee County School District in Fort Myers, FL is the other school to be awarded a radar speed display.

About All Traffic Solutions

All Traffic Solutions, the leader in traffic safety outcomes, is headquartered in State College, PA and is a division of Intuitive Control Systems, LLC.  Our highly engineered smart devices – radar speed signs, message boards, and video imaging systems – direct and monitor traffic patterns and supply the traffic data necessary to manage public safety.  Municipalities, schools, construction companies and private organizations rely on All Traffic Solutions to do more than slow traffic – we provide the information necessary for these organizations to manage comprehensive safety programs and efficiently deploy human and technological resources.  Online at

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