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All Traffic Solutions Addresses State Law Enforcement Leaders

Web-based traffic safety solutions previewed to SACOP conference attendees

State College, PA – All Traffic Solutions, the leader in solutions for traffic safety outcomes, addressed attendees at the annual State Associations of Chiefs of Police (SACOP) conference held recently in Alexandria, VA. The SACOP membership is comprised of the leaders from each state-level association of law enforcement departments.  This group gathers each year to discuss solutions to common law enforcement issues and to share best practices.

All Traffic Solutions delivered two presentations on the Future of Traffic Safety, outlining the transformative effect the Internet will have on law enforcement and specifically on traffic divisions.  Attendees were provided an exclusive introduction to the new web-based offerings All Traffic Solutions will be launching later in the second quarter.

All Traffic Solutions Vice President Scott Johnson and Sales Manager John Painter discussed the role web-based smart devices can play in monitoring, capturing and reporting traffic data.  Armed with real-time information, police chiefs will be able to better allocate resources and improve safety outcomes.  And with web-based technology, departments will be able to access and deploy applications without involving the department’s IT staff and disrupting daily operations.

Ted Graef, President of All Traffic Solutions also participated in the presentations and highlighted the advantage of web-based smart devices in terms of the decreased manpower required to attend to them.  The new devices transmit the data, send notifications when batteries are running low, and settings can be changed remotely from a PDA or computer.

Audience response to the presentations was overwhelmingly positive.  Graef noted, “The police chiefs understood that like other industries, the Internet is going to positively change the way they do their jobs and protect their communities. The audience realized that incorporating web-based smart technology could expand the effectiveness of their force and actually make their communities safer. ”

About All Traffic Solutions

All Traffic Solutions, the leader in traffic safety outcomes, is headquartered in State College, PA and is a division of Intuitive Control Systems, LLC.  Our highly engineered smart devices – radar speed signs, message boards, and video imaging systems – direct and monitor traffic patterns and supply the traffic data necessary to manage public safety.  Municipalities, schools, construction companies and private organizations rely on All Traffic Solutions to do more than slow traffic – we provide the information necessary for these organizations to manage comprehensive safety programs and efficiently deploy human and technological resources.  Online at www.alltrafficsolutions.com

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