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Ticket Board Inc. Introduces the New Ticket Board Ultra with Ultraviolet Light

Ticket Board Ultra has ultra violet lighting and micro printing capability to detect fraudulent IDs.

Ticket Board Ultra has several key safety-enhancing features:

Eight separate LED lights illuminate the writing surface that magnifies and detects micro printing on the operator's license making it easy to read and verify security features, it also eliminates the need to turn on the dome light or fumble with a flashlight.

The license is firmly secured to prevent dropping the license on the ground or in between the car seats.

The Ticket Board® includes three LCD displays which indicate the current date and time as well as the next court date providing the officer with all pertinent information at a glance.

 It has holders for two additional driver's licenses and these holders double as receptacles for accessories such a fingerprint pad and a digital voice recorder.

The rechargeable lithium batteries are maximized by a 10 minute auto shut-off feature and can be recharged in the patrol car with the built-in DC adaptor or elsewhere using the optional AC adaptor.

In 2008 Ticket Board, was the product of the year and received the Innovation Award for product safety.  Ticket Board also received an award from the Georgia Governors Office of Highway Safety.

Ticket Board is being used by Law Enforcement officers in North America, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Australia. Law Enforcement Officers use Ticket Board in airports, the Border Patrol, Marine enforcement and the Homeland Security initiative to detect fraudulent documentation.

The Ticket Board® was created by seasoned Northeast Ohio police officer Tony Leanza. With over 20 years of police experience, Leanza has written his share of traffic tickets. "As a patrolman, I know the potential hazards and hassles of traffic stops, especially when they occur after dark," he explains. "I designed the Ticket Board® with these challenges in mind."

About Ticket Board, Inc.
Ticket Board, Inc., located in North Ridgeville, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, specializes in bringing to market products that help increase the safety of those in law enforcement and related professions.

For more information, visit www.pdticketboard.com.

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