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Iola, Kansas Police Department Deploys digiTICKET™ Electronic Ticketing Solution

Submitted by Betty Hall

digiTICKET now interfaces with Global RMS and Jayhawk Court Software.

Iola, KS.– The Iola Police Department added new technology to its department after implementing a new electronic ticketing solution called digiTICKET this week. Tulsa-based Saltus Technologies deployed handheld electronic ticket writers providing significant productivity for the department. The system also interfaces with the city’s Jayhawk Court and the Global RMS software packages creating additional efficiency gains for the City.

The Iola Police Department is the first law enforcement agency in the state of Kansas to deploy the digiTICKET electronic ticketing solution. digiTICKET is designed to automate the ticketing process for law enforcement agencies – saving time and money while increasing officer and public safety.

Saltus Technologies’ electronic ticketing solution allows officers to use a rugged, hand-held mobile computer to scan a driver’s license bar code, automatically entering the driver’s data. The reduced time to issue tickets decreases the amount of time an officer is standing on the side of the road exposed to unnecessary risks.

”We are thrilled to have our first Kansas department up and running. Chief Warner and the City of Iola are concerned about safety and productivity and understand the value of using innovative technology to accomplish those goals. digiTICKET’s success has come because we have worked closely with our customers and prospects to develop a product that directly meets their needs,” said Eric Fultz, president and CEO of Saltus Technologies. “We’re also excited to announce that with the Iola deployment we also now interface to the Jayhawk Court and Global RMS software platforms. We look forward to working with Global and Jayhawk as we continue to grow our digiTICKET customer base.”

“We are pleased to expand our RMS capabilities to now include the interface to the digiTICKET product line, allowing citations written in the field to be imported into our Records Management System” said Jeff Pugh, Executive Vice President of Global Software. “The quality of the data collected in the field via handheld devices, especially those with driver’s license scanning capabilities, is tremendously valuable to law enforcement agencies. Importing that data into the RMS is a key component to the overall solution needed to not only track citation data, but to help solve crimes and protect the public. I’ve been very impressed with the solution offered by Saltus, and even more impressed with the passion they have for delivering quality products and services that not only make it easier and safer for officers to do their job, but also reduces costs for the agencies. I believe many of our Global customers in the state of Kansas and throughout the U.S. can benefit from the digiTICKET solution.”

An independent study released this week shows that digiTICKET does save time, money and increases safety. The Economic Impact Group (EIG), studied the city of Sand Springs, Oklahoma which was the first department to implement digiTICKET in May of 2009. The study concluded that the continued use of digiTICKET will provide returns of over $450,000 by 2014 to the City of Sand Springs. EIG also projects the Sand Springs community could save more than $2 million by 2014 in personal and property damage due to a 67 percent reduction in traffic accidents.

Saltus has worked closely with customers and prospects to continually enhance digiTICKET and make it easier for agencies of all sizes to acquire. Saltus is now offering the entire solution as a Service. The system can be fully customized and deployed with no upfront cost for a monthly service fee per unit. Twenty agencies in 6 states have now chosen digiTICKET to meet their electronic ticketing needs.

About Saltus Technologies
Saltus Technologies is dedicated to developing and marketing mobile electronic ticketing solutions to law enforcement, government agencies and the private industry. Electronic ticketing can create an attractive return on investment when replacing the process of handwritten tickets. The leaders of Saltus Technology bring a heritage of mobile software development dating back to 1997. For more information, visit www.saltustechnologies.com.

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