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Jerome, Ariz. Police Deploy digiTICKET Electronic Ticketing Solution

Submitted by Betty Hall

Mobile electronic ticketing system benefits entire community.

Jerome, AZ – The Jerome Police Department recently deployed digiTICKET, an electronic ticketing system, to increase the safety of its officers and citizens while improving efficiency when issuing citations. Tulsa-based Saltus Technologies develops and markets digiTICKET, a handheld electronic ticket writer with web- based software for managing violations, court dates, tickets and reporting.

“We were looking for a system to improve efficiency, save money and increase the safety for our officers and digiTICKET was simply the best and most integrated option for our needs,” said Ruth Turner, Jerome City Clerk. “Since we issued our first ticket with digiTICKET on July 8, things have been a thousand times better partly due to how their data control is much easier than our previous solution. I like the way our tickets are printed and I even have the ability now to automatically schedule court dates and set penalty costs, which I wasn’t able to do before.”

digiTICKET’s electronic solution allows officers to use a rugged, hand-held mobile computer to scan a drivers license barcode which automatically enters drivers license data into a ticket form. The reduced effort to issue tickets decreases the amount of time an officer is standing on the side of the road exposed to unnecessary risks.

In Arizona, digiTICKET not only interfaces with each City’s Records Management and Court system, but it also pushes all citation data electronically to Arizona’s Administrative Office of Courts’ (AOC) AZTEC system. These interfaces reduce repetitive manual data entry and resulting key entry errors. Effectively reducing costs and recapturing lost revenues associated with dismissed tickets due to errors.

“The digiTICKET electronic ticket writers and web-based reporting tools provide a much higher quality solution than the e-ticket solution that we had been using,” said Chief Muma of Jerome. “Their customer service and responsiveness has been outstanding.” A recently released independent study shows that digiTICKET saves time, money and increases safety. The Economic Impact Group (EIG) studied the city of Sand Springs, Oklahoma, which was the first department to implement digiTICKET in May of 2009. The study concluded that the continued use of digiTICKET will provide returns of more than $450,000 by 2014 to the City of Sand Springs. EIG also projects the Sand Springs community could save more than $2 million by 2014 in personal and property damage due to a 67 percent reduction in traffic accidents.

“digiTICKET has been very successful because we have a great product that meets a real need while providing a safer, lower cost, public service,” said Shawn Sicking, Director of Sales and Marketing at Saltus Technologies. “Employing a mobile ticketing device like digiTICKET is a way to decrease paperwork, increase productivity, save money, and increase the safety of on-duty personnel.”

Saltus has worked closely with its customers and prospects to continually enhance digiTICKET and make it easier for agencies of all sizes to acquire. Saltus is now offering the entire solution as a service. The system can be fully configured and deployed with no upfront cost. Instead, agencies only pay a monthly service fee per unit. To date, Saltus Technologies’ digiTICKET is already successfully solving agency e-citation needs across seven states.

About Saltus Technologies
Saltus Technologies is dedicated to developing and marketing mobile electronic ticketing solutions to law enforcement, government agencies and the private industry. Electronic ticketing can create an attractive return on investment when replacing the process of handwritten tickets. The leaders of Saltus Technology bring a heritage of mobile software development dating back to 1997. For more information, visit www.saltustechnologies.com.

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