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TraffiCop Traffic Calming Systems Announces Its Grand Opening

TraffiCop, a new name in the law enforcement industry, announces the Beta release of the new TraffiCop decoy, a traffic calming system for law enforcement.

"The improvements today are just a fraction of the great ideas we have heard from officers over the last 8 years," said Michael Atencio, Owner of TraffiCop Traffic Calming Systems. "But, most importantly, this release is based upon a brand-‐new platform that allows officers to provide high-risk traffic control safely and allows police agencies to save a great deal of money while provide a strong presence on those highways. It also saves lives which is TraffiCop''s main motivation for making the product."

This release is a compilation of feature requests made from officers and through researching and reviewing of many beta tests since 2003. It is the culmination of hard work and experimentation. These decoys are the first of many improvements including video surveillance and the addition of high-intensity LED lighting.

"I am thrilled to be presenting TraffiCop to agencies worldwide. We had many officers provide suggestions then we went to the public and surveyed people to see what their reaction was to the decoy. Based on those comments, we went back and improved the product to make it more effective. These work using psychology on a subconscious level. That''s why they work. Speeding drivers see the image and automatically slow down to avoid a ticket. "

TraffiCop is a product designed and engineered by an officer for officers. Everyone goes home at the end of shift and these decoys help to make that happen.

The TraffiCop System is comprised of several versions of a three-dimensional, forced perspective, RADAR enhanced, high-definition, full-size, full-color, easy storage decoy customizable to different agencies needs. It is highly resistant to weather and highway conditions and has a UV coating.

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