How to make movement part of gunfighting

Make movement an early, integral part of firearms training and your odds of winning increase dramatically

In previous PoliceOne articles, I’ve talked about learning from mistakes, hard-wiring proper fundamentals, and developing a proper mindset for combat. Assuming the shooter has addressed all of those issues, its time to interject a simple tactic into the training regimen: dynamic movement.

This seems, at first glance, to be a no-brainer; it’s harder to hit a moving object than a stationary one. Most of us, however, were trained in the school of “plant your feet, pick your target.” We were taught that nothing was done on the firing line until the rangemaster told us to do it (will the rangemaster be there at 0300 when the gunfight occurs?). We were often told that it was unsafe to move on the range with a gun in hand.

I’m not talking here about shooting on the move, either forward or backward. I’m talking about a simple, single step, maybe laterally, maybe aggressing forward or slightly back from an opponent. Taking just one step may mean the difference between living and dying. The student has learned to present the pistol, shoot reasonably accurately, clear malfunctions, and perform speed and tac loads, so should now begin to learn other facets of winning fights.

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