Active Shooter Response Course at Blauer Training Camp

Blauer Tactical Systems has just confirmed Aaron Jannetti, who created the 'Active Shooter Response' course, will be the featured guest at this summer's SPEAR System personal defense camp. Jannetti's video received over 18 million views since The Blaze released it.

Blauer and Jannetti have been planning this event for a couple of months and the recent event in Orlando only makes this type of training even more relevant.

"The average police response time in 5-6 minutes - it could be longer.", said Blauer in his recent blog Active Killers. "We need to get people to understand that during sudden-violence, they are the first-responders."

Aaron will be running his 4-hour Active Shooter seminar as a special feature during the Blauer Tactical SPEAR System Combatives camp. This event is FREE for camp attendees.

Blauer has pioneered research on improving awareness, pre-contact cue, mental toughness and he also created the SPEAR System, the world's first behaviorally-based personal defense system. If you're interested, this year the camp's theme will be practical concepts for dealing with sudden violence and there are 4 events taking place during a week-long marathon of training.

Four Training Events in Las Vegas:

Aug 5th (Las Vegas Convention Center)
SPEAR System Symposium (police, military, first responders ONLY)

Aug 6 & 7 (Las Vegas Convention Center)
Summer Camp & Active Shooter Response Workshop

Aug 7 - 9 (Las Vegas Convention Center)
SPEAR: Personal Defense Trainer (certification)

Aug 13 & 14 (CrossFit Max Effort)
CrossFit Defense (Athlete & Trainer course)

Watch the BLAZE video that had 18M views!

The Active Shooter Course is FREE for registered camp attendees and the training is OPEN FOR ALL. Special pricing for law enforcement & military.

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