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Neuroanatomy of Street Survival: Why Physiology Rules 

Evidence-Based Training Discovery: A natural and effective system that will make officers safer, more effective and reduce liability in training and on duty. 

Independent Case study: Dorset Police Force. 

Premise/Rationale: Can a simpler approach to officer safety yield positive results with minimal cost and training requirements? 

Presenters Contention: Yes. If the system taught is entirely based on behavior and its building-blocks are physiology, physics, and psychology. 

All agencies require a standard of excellence for firearms, defensive tactics and EVOC regardless of the age of the officer. The standard is the same for the twenty-one-year-old recruit as it is for the aging police officer. With firearms and EVOC, the standards are pretty clear, not so within the hand-to-hand realm. 

With so many martial arts systems being touted as the answer to officer street safety, it's time to look at reality. The litmus test for law enforcement is the dash-cam & body-cam and the harsh reality is that we do not see fine or complex motor skills being used in sudden violent confrontations. 

What is the answer? 
Science. Science is your answer. By using physiology, kinesiology, and psychology in a constructive way we can create congruent functional defensive tactics platform that is instinctual and intuitive and can be taught to any officer regardless of background or skill level. 

Imagine a method that fully integrates how the human body was engineered for survival. This simple and safe methodology would assist all officers, young and aging, to move effectively and protectively throughout their career. This would mitigate injuries in training as well as in the street. 

Tony Blauer is founder and CEO of BLAUER TACTICAL SYSTEMS®. Mr. Blauer has pioneered research and training methodologies that have influenced and inspired defensive tactics, combative and martial art instructors around the world since 1897. 

His company, BLAUER TACTICAL SYSTEMS (BTS) is one of the world's leading consulting firms specializing in research & development of combative training & equipment for the military, law enforcement, and self-defense communities. 

With over 40 years of professional consulting experience, Mr. Blauer & BTS are highly sought out by progressive trainers, departments and organizations interested in enhancing the safety and survivability of their personnel through Blauer's unique approach to mindset and confrontation management psychology. He also specializes in a brain-based and scientific approach to scenario-training and extreme close quarter tactics. 

Aside from many local and state agencies, Coach Blauer and his training team have had the privilege and honor of consulting for elite elements within the federal government like U.S. Army Special Forces & SPECIAL OPERATIONS, U.S. AIR FORCE, U.S. Navy SEALs, FEDERAL AIR MARSHAL SERVICE, the U.S. COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, SECRET SERVICE, FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING CENTER, U.S. MARSHALS as well as units, agencies and organizations around the world from Australia, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Denmark, Holland, Germany and more. 

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