Head Trauma study: Impact Inside the Reactionary Gap

With so many martial arts systems being touted as the answer to officer street safety, it's time to look at reality. The litmus test for law enforcement is the dash-cam & body-cam and the harsh reality is that we do not see fine or complex motor skills being used in sudden violent confrontations. 

What is the answer? 
Science. Science is your answer. By using physiology, kinesiology, and psychology in a constructive way we can create congruent functional defensive tactics platform that is instinctual and intuitive and can be taught to any officer regardless of background or skill level. 

Imagine a method that fully integrates how the human body was engineered for survival. This simple and safe methodology would assist all officers, young and aging, to move effectively and protectively throughout their career. This would mitigate injuries in training as well as in the street. 

Defensive tactics, self-defense & Combatives pioneer, Tony Blauer, has spent decades researching and developing a truly behaviorally-based program that will enhance officer. 

The key changes involved upgrading the interview posture to a more user-friendly interview posture that supported more effective de-escalation options, enhancing breathing and primed fast-twitch muscles if sudden DT skills were required. Using our method, officers we able to reduce head trauma by almost 50% over a 5-year period. 

After an independent 5-year study, these were the results of a single day of training per year in a behaviorally based and brain-based system: 

Overall Injuries: 

Year 5 compared to Year 1 = -47% 
Average over these 5 years = -38% 

Head injuries: 

Year 5 compared to Year 1 = -54% 
Average over these 5 years = -41% 

Arm Injuries: 

Year 5 compared to Year 1 = +64% 
Average over these 5 years = +45% 

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