NextLevel Training Brings Shooting Preparation to a New Level

Manufacturer Introduces SIRT-AR Bolt to the line of training products

Ferndale, WA – NextLevel Training (NLT), manufacturer of firearms training products, has revolutionized the way shooters prepare with the SIRT Training Pistol™, has taken dry-fire training to a whole new level with the introduction of their SIRT-AR Bolt.

Just like the original SIRT Training Pistol, the SIRT-AR Bolt has a shot-indicating reset trigger that allows for optimal trigger pulls during training.

The greatest thing about the SIRT-AR Bolt is that you use your existing AR-15 platform while training; providing for a truly sustainable diagnostic training experience. You simply replace the bolt carrier with the SIRT-AR Bolt to convert it to dry fire, and you’re ready to train.

The SIRT-AR Bolt uses a laser to indicate shot placement; with two laser color choices, a red laser suited for mainly indoor use or a powerful green laser for both indoor or outdoor use. The laser is activated from the trigger in your lower and shoots down the barrel of your upper, and is adjustable through the ejector port to align with your sights or optics, making it customizable to virtually any AR-15.

NextLevel Training, is located in Ferndale, Washington, and proudly manufactures the SIRT Training Pistol and SIRT-AR Bolt here in the United States. Founded in 2010 by Mike Hughes, who is a patent attorney, mechanical engineer, and an IPSC Grand Master Shooter, NextLevel Training supplies SIRT.

“We at NextLevel Training are dedicated to giving shooters quality training tools that allow high volume, self-diagnostic sustainable training to make shooters better,” said NextLevel Training Founder and CEO, Mike Hughes. “No matter what your passion is for owning a firearm, everyone can get value out of training more. Our SIRT systems are designed to be convenient and inherently self-diagnostic so you get better with every repetition.”

Manufactured in the USA with sturdy construction, the SIRT AR Bolt is designed to facilitate high volume, self-diagnostic sustainable training with your AR-15. After taking just a few short minutes for the initial install, you can interchange your AR-15 from live-fire to a dry-fire training device in about 20 seconds.

About NextLevel Training
NextLevel Training, located in Ferndale, Washington, supplies SIRT Training Pistols and supplies to law enforcement agencies, competitive marksmen, NRA Certified Trainers, the US military, and private individuals. To learn more about NextLevel Training and the SIRT Training Pistol, please visit

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