PoliceOne Academy Adds Custom Course Builder to Allow Police Departments to Build, Host and Assign In-House Training Online

San Francisco, CA – PoliceOne.com, the leading online resource for the law enforcement community, is proud to announce the PoliceOne Academy, a comprehensive online training platform for law enforcement agencies, can now be used by police departments to host and assign in-house training.

The new Custom Course Builder feature allows departments to assign, track and train using their own training content including powerpoints, text or word documents, and videos. Many law enforcement departments across the country rely on costly in-person training and manual documentation that demands time and attention from experienced officers. This new feature presents the opportunity for departments to save significant dollars in their training budget as well as cut down on overtime and paper-based reporting by allowing them to create and deliver training online or in a blended learning format.

The feature will be available to more than 40,000 officers in the more than 650 departments that use the PoliceOne Academy. In addition to the training these departments will now be able to produce in-house, each agency has access to 900 HD training videos and 170 courses from the industry’s most popular instructors like Dave Smith, Colonel Grossman and Buck Savage. Officers’ training progress is tracked automatically, with certificates of completion available to those who complete full-length courses.

“PoliceOne Academy’s Custom Course Builder makes training even more affordable for law enforcement agencies,” said Nicole Forzano, Director of PoliceOne Academy. “The rapid growth of the Academy thus far is a testament to the importance of a budget-friendly, quality training solution for departments across the country.”

Submit a request online or call (866) 941-4090 to get free preview access, including the Custom Course Builder, to the PoliceOne Academy for your department. To learn more about PoliceOne Academy, visit www.PoliceOneAcademy.com.

About PoliceOne Academy

PoliceOne.com, the leading online resource for the law enforcement community, is the proud owner of the PoliceOne Academy. With more than 900 videos and 170 one hour courses available, PoliceOne Academy gives departments instant access to training that will advance officers’ performance and help keep them safer on the streets. PoliceOne Academy offers a delivery system that ensures a high quality of streaming along with access to training materials 24/7.

About PoliceOne

With more than 600,000 registered members, PoliceOne.com is the leading law enforcement website in the country. PoliceOne provides law enforcement-specific resources designed to help officers stay safe on the streets and more effectively protect their communities. PoliceOne is the only site to confirm the law enforcement status of all members, creating a trusted and safe community for the exchange and discussion of key law enforcement issues, including breaking news, top products and important officer safety strategies.

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