Range Strategies Launches The Unpredictor® Target System

Glen Allen, VA (June 2015): Range Strategies LLC, introduces The Unpredictor® - a state-of-the-art gun-handling training system in current use by US Special Operations Forces as well as Law enforcement agencies. The target system offers judgmental situations to teach gun handling skills, discrimination, and when it is appropriate to shoot.  The Unpredictor® is an automated steel target system that allows the user to realistically simulate gunfights with multiple threats, unpredictable behavior, and variable shot requirements for neutralization, all in a timed event.

The Unpredictor® (exclusively from Range Strategies) is an interactive target/training system comprised of an array of hit-counting steel targets and an accompanying control system. It focuses on gunfight training and brings the element of unpredictably to any training activity with pre-programmed behaviors to simulate various scenarios such as gangs, mobs, and riots. 

The Unpredictor® requires the shooter to (1) discover the threat, (2) drive the gun to the threat, (3) work the gun until the threat is neutralized, and (4) repeat as needed as quickly as possible. A timer keeps track of how quickly each threat is neutralized for scoring and analysis. The core of the Unpredictor® feature set is a group of pre-programmed behaviors which provide parameters that can be modified by the user according to his/her training objectives. 

There are seven basic behaviors: Solo Sequence, Tactical Random, True Random, Gang, Mob, Riot and Duel, For each of these behaviors, individual targets can be set to on or off to limit the number of targets participating in a scenario. Targets which are off are ignored and do not activate.

Standard accessories for The Unpredictor® are: handheld remote, control box, actuator, target box, 3/8 inch AR500 steel target heads and armored target stands. Two optional accessories are the air compressor and generator. 

For more information please visit; www.rangestrategies.com

More about Range Strategies - Create the best possible training experience with state-of-the-art shooting range equipment from Range Strategies, LLC in Glen Allen, Virginia. We specialize in a systems integration model of range design utilizing strategic partners in key areas for additional insight into the entire project scope, as well as in the provision of the necessary shooting range components and targetry systems.

Sourcing from a select group of range equipment and systems suppliers, we manage your project from start to finish, making the process as painless as possible for you. Our range consultant offerings provide well thought out consideration of your needs in the way of, not only equipment requirements, but also in the ultimate training usage for an end user agency or, in the case of commercial usage, with regards to maximizing the profitability of the facility.

With over 25 years of experience in designing shooting ranges and shoot houses for all the major range companies throughout the United States and around the world, Range Strategies and its strategic partners will devote all of its resources to serve its clients to utmost level of professionalism.

Information about Range Strategies' products and services is available at www.rangestrategies.com .

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