So You Want to Skid?

You want to skid? You want to have a little fun?

Well, forget it. It’s over. The ESC technology in all new cars and light trucks has made skid control as we knew it, over and done with. Skidding was abused so badly, and with so little skill as a global driving culture, that we screwed ourselves out of whatever fun there was to be had from sliding sideways. Billions of dollars in physical damage and loss of life was caused. $BILLIONS$ You thought wars were expensive?

The world’s governments and the engineers who know something about car control have now made it near impossible to SKID, by giving us Electronic Stability Control. We can still crash, but we will not die with a smile on our face that says, “I got this!” It will be the big “Oh Sh*t.“ From the USA, Canada, Central America, South America, UK, Scandinavia, Europe, the Baltic States, Russia, Middle East, Asia, Australia… In any language it means the same. Advanced driver training has failed.

Some of the new cars from 2006 through 2012 had controls which allowed the Electronic Stability Control to be turned off completely. Multiple button presses, wheel dances, convoluted brake pedal stomps, hand brake pulls, steering wheel movements, and even changing the ignition key position at secret speeds, would magically disengage ESC. But not anymore. Now you can’t turn it off.

It just sucks all the entertainment out of driving. If you had a little talent and listened to your EVOC instructor, you had some kind of fun sliding and skidding and doing donuts like Alex Zanardi when donuts were fresh. Sadly, skills perish quickly if not practiced all the time, and as the culture of EVOC evolved, skidding and sliding badly led us to OVER‐DRIVEN police cars for generations, until now.

By government mandate, those defeat systems are gone and it is impossible to disconnect the ESC systems entirely. The manufacturers try to give a reasonable feel in EVO operations by allowing some scaling back of ESC intrusion, but today the only component of the electronic system you can turn off completely is Traction Control. By the way, do you know the difference between TC and ESC?

Twenty‐four years ago we delivered the “STABLE PLATFORM CONCEPT OF DRIVING” in every SKIDCAR™ Instructor course delivered. We do the same today. If you follow our curriculum, you not only will learn skid control as a recuperation technique for old cars when a mistake is made without ESC, you will also learn how to drive the new generation cars efficiently, with the practical speed and safety that a pro in an old gen car just can’t compete with, regardless of any amount of high dollar training or experience.

We have this down. We have it perfected. We have practical answers, and technically correct solutions for EVOC training and EVO operations of the new and old generation cars and SUVs that every agency, department, and municipality has in their fleet.

Contact us today. We don’t have any stop gap, cheap, trendy solutions. What we DO have is KNOWLEDGE, TECHNOLOGY, WORKSHOPS, and TRAINING that go beyond simulation, right into reality.

As we continue to conduct sold out Electronic Stability Control Workshops, we receive more and more positive feedback about the importance of this curriculum.

ESC is a safety feature installed in all new cars and SUVs as of the 2012 model year, designed to prevent rollovers and loss of traction by keeping your vehicle in contact with the ground during dangerous situations. When a vehicle accompanied by ESC reads a complex situation such as curves or sudden swerves to avoid obstacles, it takes over and allows the driver a better chance to get through the situation, further improving the advantages of the Antilock Brakes and Traction Control. The ESC Systems from each car manufacturer all work within the same premise and
are therefore exposed, explained, and understood during this workshop utilizing a SKIDCAR™. It is exclusively offered by SKIDCAR System, Inc., and includes both a classroom and behind-the-wheel element.

Through our workshop, we offer a stream of practical information that saves resources of both money and time, as the technical knowledge delivered would take hundreds of hours to research and duplicate.

In order for this training to be effective, the SKIDCAR must be attached to a vehicle with ESC. Therefore, for a limited time, if your department or agency is purchasing a new SKIDCAR, or a Conversion Kit to attach your existing SKIDCAR to a modern vehicle with ESC, we are offering a discount on the ESC Workshop to be conducted at the time of delivery.

To receive more information on this opportunity, contact us at (866) 754-3227 or

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