Viking Tactics Inc Offers Tactical Commanders Course

Viking Tactics, Inc Tactical Commanders Course
April 5-9, 2010
Restricted to Active Duty Law Enforcement & Military
Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Regional Training Center
6289 Madigan Road Dublin, CA 94568

The greatest responsibility a leader can have is to commit men into harm’s way… The Tactical Commander’s Course is designed to practice tactical planning and the decision making process. Throughout the five day course, each Tactical Commander will be required to make decisions that may decide the success or failure of the mission. Utilizing ICS as the architecture for the course, Tactical Commanders will be exposed to new “time sensitive” planning techniques. The course will be scenario intensive to afford maximum iterations for each student. We will take time to discuss what tactics have evolved in the current GWOT era. The culmination exercise will employ multi jurisdictional units and missions. It is our intent to stress Tactical Commanders with realistic scenarios where they can practice making time sensitive decisions.

Primary Instructors: Lieutenant Colonel (R) Tom Di Tomasso and Sergeant Major (R) Kyle Lamb are experts at synchronizing joint agency assets and battlefield operating systems. Each with twenty years of service, mostly in the Army Special Operations Command, SGM Lamb and LTC Di Tomasso bring the most up to date evolution of tactics, techniques and procedures learned on the battlefields of the Global War on Terrorism. Most recently, they served as a Joint Task Force Command Team in Iraq, responsible for more than twelve hundred special operations forces and government agency personnel.

Course prerequisites: ICS certified by parent Unit; Federal/State requirement

Topics covered will include:
• Leadership Practices
• Hasty and Deliberate Mission Planning
• Mission Analysis and the Decision Making Process
• Tactical Operations Center Procedures
• Ground Assault Tactics
• Battle Tracking
• Tactical Decision Making
• National Incident Management System/Incident Command System

Gear Requirements:
• Wrap-around eye protection
• Ear protection
• Body armor
• Helmet
• Gloves
• Notebook with pencil
• Simunitions capable weapon
• Laptop computer (Word and PowerPoint)

Ammunition Requirements: Simunition weapon; primary and alternate. 100 rds of Sims ammo for primary and back up weapon (one weapon minimum) Extra ammunition is recommended, the above numbers are minimums.

Cost for this course is $950. Your check in that amount guarantees your slot. Full refunds will be granted for cancellations prior to 30-days before the first day of the class. Full refunds will also be granted for cancellations after the 30-day deadline, if we are able to fill the slot; if not, half refunds will be given. Minimum class size is 15 paying students. The class will be cancelled if we have not received applications for 15 paying students by 30 days prior to the start date of the class. Full refunds will be issued in that scenario.

Please contact Craig Chew at (925) 383-1663, or for more information and reservations.

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