Want to train with Coach Blauer? Join the Scenario-Training Summit on August 26 - 28, 2015


This is the most dangerous time to be a first-responder. 

In an effort to make the community safer we are offering over 20 hours of training this summer in Las Vegas. This program is open up to all first-responders; active LEO's, Lead trainers, PT & Phys ed. Academy instructors, FTO’S, essentially anyone who contributes to any first-responder's safety and preparation for the street. 

Police officers, military, fire-fighters, professional security, paramedics, need to continuously train their physical defensive tactics.
Please consider sponsoring a friend, colleague to this event.  With this TWO 2 TANGO promotion, its even a better deal.  Exposing your team to the latest research in scenario-based training. This training will enhance safety and reduce liability.

Here are the details:
August 26 - August 28, 2015
S.P.E.A.R. Coaches Symposium & Scenario-Based Training Summit (Las Vegas, NV)
The TWO 2 TANGO promo:  since you can't get into a fight by yourself, we're offering a TWO FOR ONE promo for the scenario-training summit. This allows you attendees to:

•Work closely with a like-minded training partner

•Share and collaborate more easiliy when you return to work

•Share on hotel expenses

What attendees get from the course:

      •Improved command presence

      •Enhanced Leadership skills

      •Enhanced officer safety

      •Improved rapport with the community

     •20+ hours of cutting edge training & workshops

     •CEU credits/participation diploma

     •Opportunity to network with peers and leadership

     •Introduction to essential scenario

Please share this info with your fellow LE/MIL/Firefighter peers.

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If you'd like to register for 2 for 1 promo so you're only paying $100 per person email jenny@blauertactical.com with your agency info.

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