Tackling the supervisor/subordinate exam

This article deals with the Supervisor/Subordinate – sometimes referred to as the employee conflict – examination

Ed Note: This is the next in a series of articles intended to help you achieve a high score on police promotional examinations and follows several previous pieces on the Assessment Center testing process. You can check those out here.

An “Assessment Center” is a testing process in which candidates for promotion participate in a series of simulations of what they might be called upon to do in the real world. As previously discussed, promotional testing is intended to predict whether (and to what degree) a candidate has the traits to become a successful police supervisor or manager. In an assessment center, candidates are observed and evaluated by subject matter experts while participating in a series of systematic, job-related, real-life situational exercises. Trained evaluators – called assessors – observe candidates, individually and in groups, performing exercises and scenarios that simulate conditions and situations a police supervisor or manager would encounter in their job. The more the exercises reflect performance and behaviors that will be required on the job, the better the ability of the tests to predict later job behavior. It's this attempt to simulate actual working conditions that separates assessment center testing from the academics of written exams and the subjectivity of oral tests.

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