Video game just for cops: NH trains cops with simulators

Simulator produced by FAAC, Inc., features large, high-quality screens for training in driving and use-of-force

ROCHESTER, N.H. — It may look like a video game, but the state-of-the-art simulator being used by local law enforcement helps keep officers safe and improves decision making, said Police Chief David Dubois.

Last year, the police department acquired a simulator, priced at a quarter of a million dollars, for training in driving and use of force. The driving part of the simulator, produced by FAAC, Inc., features multiple large, high-quality screens surrounding the trainee that are able to transmit hundreds of real-life police driving scenarios.

Allen said that in working with the simulator, officers train to be unconsciously competent, meaning they "naturally react the way training taught you to react," and make correct decisions in a quick manner.

Full story: Video game just for cops: Rochester has driving and use-of-force simulators to train officers

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