The Importance of Using Training Dummies

The demand for the use of dummies to aid in various types of training applications has grown tremendously in recent years. This is because of three very important reasons:

1. Many departments are looking to alternative ways to increase the standards of their training programs.

2. As departments continue to increase various aspects of training their officers, training liability is becoming more and more prevalent. The use of training dummies dramatically reduces this liability for obvious reasons.

3. The necessity for increased training standards is becoming more important; many agencies do not have the funds, resources or man hours to employ numerous training officers to satisfy this need. Training dummies can satisfy this need in a proficient and cost effective manner. Training dummies also offer the ability for officers to train on their own time between required sessions, thus maximizing their proficiency through the development of muscle memory and minimizing the costly process of training. This concept minimizes liability both in-house and on the street.

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