Company History: Redman Training Gear

It all started in 1984.

Already well on our way as a leader in martial arts gear, our future as RedMan began as a challenge from the Secret Service.

In 1984, we worked with John Desmedt, director of training for the Secret Service, to solve his challenge: to create a suit that protects and cushions officers during training, but also gives them a more realistic training experience.

We introduced a line of law enforcement protective gear called RedMan. The simple, descriptive name was a given…a big, bright red protective body suit. A suit that met the Secret Service''s needs…and beyond.

A suit that was light and maneuverable, but provided enough blunt trauma protection to allow dynamic training at moderate force.

That was just the beginning. Once we had gear in the field, RedMan constantly evolved. We gave gear to trainers and received feedback in return. Because the benefits of defensive tactics training weren’t widely known at that time, we focused both on “evolving” the gear and on educating law enforcement agencies along the way about its benefits. As a result, defensive tactics simulation training has become standard practice and is considered indispensable in an officer’s preparation for duty.

RedMan Evolution:

The Instructor Suit is our first generation “full suit”; then came the “partial” Student Suit to protect trainees from the environment, from contact with the trainer/aggressor, and from possible falls.

The second generation “Enhanced Instructor Suit” is an innovation in providing opportunities to direct limited strikes to formerly off-limit body areas. The third generation “XP Instructor Suit” provides additional blunt trauma protection with built in “trauma plates.” And introduced in 2002, the forth generation, “Weapon Defense Suit” (WDS) is designed to be used with Simunition® FX® Marking Cartridges, providing blunt trauma protection for integrated, full range use-of-force scenarios. Partnering with Simunition® and with expert advice and feedback at every step, RedMan provides ever more complete and versatile options for dynamic DT simulations.

First Line Response Systems Duty Gear:
RedMan now steps over the line, out of the training environment, and into the line of duty with First Line Response Systems Duty Gear. We’ve again taken our expertise in blunt trauma protection to develop Disturbance Resolution Suits (DRS) that offer extraordinary blunt trauma protection during cell extractions and crisis situations in correctional institutions and public crowd control.

Our dedication to police, public, and personal safety continues.

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