Spotlight: Bobcat Training offers training to law enforcement officers who seek advancement in their organization

Their training programs are specialized to prepare you for promotions

Company Name: Bobcat Training
Headquarters: Tallahassee, Florida

At Bobcat, they help people who are trying to help themselves grow and advance successfully in law enforcement. Their primary function is to help police be more effective in interviews and promotional processes.

Courtesy of Bobcat Training
Courtesy of Bobcat Training

What was the inspiration behind starting your company? 
Bobcat Training was founded and operates on the principle that those who take the time to prepare for promotions and specialized units are more successful as candidates and they perform more successfully in their new assignments.

Why do you believe your products are essential to the public safety and security community?
The bottom line here is that we offer training that you would probably be paying for yourself anyway. Most public employees are tight with a dollar. We grew up in this industry and understand a lot about it.
Even if it isn’t with us, stretch out and get the kinds of knowledge, skills and abilities that will make you a stronger supervisor, manager or executive. Join the management associations of your public sector and attend the conferences when you can. The contacts will pay off down the line. Spend a little; get a lot.

What makes your company unique?
Those of us at Bobcat have had wonderful public safety careers and believe in reaching back to help those who are looking for career development guidance. We have two primary offerings. Our Career Builder is a one day introduction to Assessment Centers and Promotional Processes.

The Bobcat Weekend is a two day event where participants perform in simulated interviews and exercises that are evaluated by experienced coaches and video recorded for review later at home. We recognize that most of our participants will be spending their own money to attend our events so we are ever mindful to provide quality and value at affordable costs.

Beyond the classes, our events are gatherings of police professionals from around the industry getting to know other career public safety officers, supervisors, managers and executives. We always leave with broadened horizons.

Our fervent hope is that we see our participants more than once. We expect that they will join the Bobcat pack and see us a time or two during their careers.

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