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Blood Lessons: Reader Testimonials

Editor's Note: Cops around the country are learning from the survival mindset demonstrated and depicted so vividly in Chuck Remsberg's latest book, Blood Lessons. Check out the following testimonials and add your own thoughts below

"Mr. Remsberg, you have no idea how many lives your book has saved. When I read the article [A "five percenter" mindset in action], I looked to my right to see your book on the shelf in my office. Four years ago I was chasing a fleeing felon on foot and one of his thug friends ran me over in a pick-up truck. I have had numerous hospital trips and surgeries since, but because of the five percenter mindset from Street Survival and your book, I survived to arrest again. Thank you, sir, for passing on your wisdom."
—PoliceOne member Officer Kimberly Willingham, Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles - Montgomery, Alabama

"I recently finished Blood Lessons and I must tell you, I think it is one of the most important books related to law enforcement survival that I have ever read. I am going to recommend it for the whole department and especially for incoming cadets. Mr. Remsberg's lessons run the gamut between physical, psychological, and emotional survival for law enforcement officers. There were times that I was almost in tears and other times that I felt so inspired I wanted to put the book down and go hit the streets right then and there. The book also made me realize that I probably have some baggage on board that I should deal with sooner rather than later. 

"I would like to thank Mr. Remsberg for offering such a complete lesson plan on the pitfalls and dangers we can expect, while performing our duty. Mr. Remsberg always put a positive spin on the presentation of his lessons. At the end of each chapter, no matter how horrible the outcome, the reader is always left feeling positive about the lessons that were presented. I would also like to thank all of the involved heroes for sharing their experiences in an effort to better prepare all of us, who in some form or fashion, either walk along or stand a post on the thin blue line."
—Detective Mark Myers, Las Cruces Police Department - Las Cruces, New Mexico  

"When I became aware of Chuck Remsberg's latest book Blood Lessons, I immediately preordered a copy of it. I had high expectations of this work. I was not disappointed. When I was a deputy sheriff in a previous jurisdiction, I was assigned criminal justice majors from the local university during their internships for them to receive some street exposure. I made sure that they all read my copy of the trilogy (Street Survival, The Tactical Edge and Tactics for Criminal Patrol) as I considered (and still do) those books to be the seminal publications for all cops. One of those students became a member of the RCMP and another a constable with Calgary PD. I flatter myself in thinking that perhaps I played a small role in their careers - truthfully, Remsberg's publications had a greater and more positive impact on them. 

"After I read Blood Lessons, I loaned it to a colleague who graduated from the academy six months ago and, after he finished reading it, I loaned it to another recent graduate. Both of them told me independently that the book should be required reading in their course work - I absolutely concur. Blood Lessons is powerful, practical, potent, and personal. Remsberg reemphasizes some basic methodologies and introduces new ones. The law enforcement community owes Remsberg a continuing debt that it can never fully repay. Thank you, Mr. Remsberg, and your contributors for another outstanding book."
—Deputy Sheriff Bill Brown, Randolph County Sheriff's Office - Cuthbert, Georgia

"Chuck Remsberg has indeed written another 'must read' book for every officer. Money is not the issue, your life is! If your department doesn't buy the book, do it yourself, for your fellow officers and your family. Sometimes the best way of learning is by the example of others - this way you don't have to experience the traumatic event yourself. This is what Remsberg has done for every officer when he wrote this book. Thank you, Mr. Remsberg for your commitment to our profession. I salute you for the unknown number of lives you have saved because of the work you have done, over your many years of dedication. I have been a Sergeant for over half of my 32 years and counting, and Chuck Remsberg is my most influential instructor."
—PoliceOne member Sergeant James Reschke, San Diego Police - San Diego, California

"Matt's story in Blood Lessons was exceptional. After reading what he endured and more importantly what he accomplished he inspired me to adopt the mind set of 'I will win and overcome, no matter what the odds.' He is a true hero!"
—PoliceOne member Officer George Curtis, Seattle Community College District - Seattle, Washington

"All I can say is, if you are an active street cop and you want to know first hand what other officers have endured, you must own this book. I have bought it and read it and I have practiced so many of these scenarios in my mind. I have been retired for almost 10 years (I was active for 30 years) and I always believed in going home at the end of my shift. I still work security and I practice the lessons that this book teach. Please, if you never buy another book in your police career, do yourself and your family a favor and get this one. Stay safe, and keep an open eye and a clear mind."
—PoliceOne member Detective Richard Von Voigt, Riverhead Town Police - Riverhead, New York

"Charles Remsberg has devoted his life to officer survival and safety. The old cliché, that he wrote the book on it, is true. Remsberg is best known for the three books he penned for Calibre Press: Street Survival, Tactics for Criminal Patrol, and The Tactical Edge. His first book spawned the famed Street Survival Seminars in the early 1980s that now span the country and are considered the exemplar that all law enforcement training tries to mirror."

"Remsberg departs from the 'how-to' format of his previous books in Blood Lessons and narrates 24 stories so that the reader experiences the officers’ fear and anxiety and feels the officers’ hearts pounding. Through his exceptional storytelling, Remsberg reveals the officers’ thought processes and instincts.

"The book offers important reading for supervisors, administrators, investigators and team leaders. Blood Lessons details how officers feel, what they need and how they should be treated to survive and heal emotionally from an employment-related critical incident. Support given in the first few hours after an incident can make or break an officer’s recovery and affect his/her future productivity in the agency."
—PoliceOne Contributor Barbara Schwartz, in a review posted on thepolicenews.net

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