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PGDC to switch to CDI/Complus

The Plymouth Growth and Development Corporation is poised to sign on with a new parking ticket management company. Park Plymouth Manager John Burke is negotiating a contract with COMPLUS Data Innovations Inc., based in Tarrytown, N.Y.The company currently managing the town’s parking tickets is Clancy Systems International, which has been charging the town approximately $28,000 annually for the service. Clancy’s contract with the PGDC expired Dec. 31.

Clancy has been the service company for six years, providing meter enforcement officers with meter readers, and following up with delinquent notices and ticket and citation management. COMPLUS does the same work, only the company would provide officers with technologically advanced meter readers that scan inspection stickers, providing information that can be used to access the owner of the vehicle, the address and any outstanding citations through a comprehensive, nationwide registry of motor vehicles connection. Unlike Clancy’s system, officers wouldn’t have to hand write information.

“We’re just trying to make the operation a lot more efficient and a lot more effective, and substantially boost the payment of citations,” PGDC President Leighton Price said. “They have a link to all the registries. So, they have access to the most current information on that plate and address.”

The benefit, COMPLUS representatives say, is officers can do their jobs faster and more efficiently without having to carry additional equipment like a separate ticket printer, which they must use now. The new COMPLUS meter readers scan inspection stickers, print tickets and detail the time of the entry within seconds. COMPLUS will shoulder the role of processing the tickets, sending out citations and tracking RMV records.

“Our staff does all that now, even though we’re working with Clancy ,” Price said. “Currently, we do a lot of manual and computer work with our staff. With COMPLUS, our staff will be able to be out on the street more because we’re farming that service out to COMPLUS.”

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