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CDI Now Providing GPS Mapping for Parking Enforcement

Industry leaders providing handheld-based GPS reporting application

Tarrytown, N.Y. – Complus Data Innovations, Inc. (CDI), a leader in Parking Enforcement Technology and Citation Processing solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of an exciting new feature to their product suite: CDI clients now have the ability to utilize GPS tracking on the handheld ticket writers for more effective “in the field” reporting.

CDI recognizes the importance of providing clients with the most up to date information to make strategic decisions about enforcement.  In response to this need, CDI introduced their GPS tracking application.  This application enables management to access data captured by a GPS unit that is embedded in the handheld ticket writers.  As the officers travel throughout their shifts, CDI’s GPS application is capturing the coordinates of their exact locations, at pre-determined time increments, such as every ten minutes, or every half-hour.  In addition to tracking actual movement, this application will also record the coordinates of specific key activities such as ticket issuance locations, tire-mark locations or places where vehicles have been booted or towed.

GPS coordinates are sent back to the office as part of the transfer process that delivers ticket data.  Once information is captured and stored, it will be accessible to users with the proper credentials.  The possibilities for this information are endless, but here are a few examples of how management might use this information in decision-making:

  • - Where are we issuing the highest volume of parking violations? 
  • - Are any of the officers spending too much time at the same location?
  • - Where do we find most of our vehicle tows occurring?

Stephen Hittman, Chief Operating Officer said clients are eager to roll out this technology, adding “the ability to see more information in a graphical format will allow our clients to make more informed decisions. This is just one more piece of technology we’re offering based on client requests and utilizing the latest applications in mobile technology.”

About CDI

Complus Data Innovations, Inc. (CDI) is a recognized leader in the field of Parking Ticket Management solutions. A full service provider of products and services to over 200 municipalities, universities, and airports across the country, CDI offers the proprietary FastTrack™ ticket management software, state-of-the-art hardware including handheld ticket writers, and 24/7 “Signature Service” customer support. The company’s fully integrated suite of products and services also includes onsite training, delinquent noticing, nationwide DMV lookups, TicketView Imaging service, online appeals and secure web-based payment capabilities. For more information, visit www.complusdata.com, Facebook.com/ComplusData or on Twitter @ComplusData.

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