FREE Use-of-Force Training Progams from POSA

POSA's free use-of-force video training programs are now available to police officers nationwide. Any police officer can view our videos online or download them from POSA web site,, after verifying law enforcement status with Visit for your FREE membership!

POSA's training programs have previously been available only to officers in the New England area, where they have been widely hailed as practical, direct, and succinct. Video training programs will be added at the rate of two per year. Tactical Knife Skills and Firearm Disarming and Retention are currently available. Close Quarter Shooting will be available August 2005 and Simulation Instructor will be available in the Fall of 2005.

POSA also publishes and freely distributes the POSA Journal of Tactics and Training which compiles the most practical, forward-thinking materials on the subject of law enforcement training. Current and past editions are available for download or viewing from our seb site.

Please forward this information to all officers in your agency or organization. Electronic versions of this notice may be obtained from the “POSA News” link at for forwarding or distribution.

The Police Officers Safety Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization that offers free and low-cost advanced education and training to increase the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement officers. Visit us at, contact: Ralph Mroz 413-774-3512 or email

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4 questions your potential online learning provider must be able to answer

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