International Training Inc., A Leader in Security Training for the Government, Now Provides Training for LE and Civilians

DILLEY, TX—International Training Inc. (ITI), Texas, a subsidiary of Wackenhut Services Inc., and providers of benchmark security training programs to the U.S. Government, U.S. Military, corporate America, has now developed comprehensive, quality programs for law enforcement officers and responsible citizens.

ITI has been in the security business since 1989 with a focus on providing customers with hands-on training based on real world experience. ITI’s has a proven world class reputation and a dedicated full-time cadre of professional trainers. ITI’s trainers are all highly experienced and come from the military, law enforcement, intelligence and security from all U.S. services.

Bank Miller is the new Director of Law Enforcement & Civilian Training and comes to ITI with 28 years of experience in federal, local and military law enforcement, of which he as been the Chief Firearms Instructor for the DEA, as well as, the Director of Training for the SIGARMS Academy and Action Target. Benjamin Kurata, the new Senior Instructor, has 11 years of operational, management and training experience in the state, federal, and private sector criminal justice organizations, as well as, years of adult learning and development in criminal justice, state government, university and the financial services industries.

The new courses at the Dilley, Texas facility include a wide range of law enforcement firearms, low light, and instructor level training courses on-site and off-site at other locations across the nation. ITI also provides law enforcement agencies with an opportunity for free training when hosting ITI training at their agency.

The new Responsible Civilian Training Courses provide individuals new to firearms or those acquiring additional skills with a variety of firearms, self-defense and medical courses, including a Women’s Only Weekend presented by the staff of Modern Warrior and the American Women’s Self Defense Association.

ITI also provides specialty training for law enforcement and military personnel including their world renowned driving courses, security operations/surveillance detection and personal security courses for qualified individuals or agencies. ITI’s 700-acre training facility features two driving tracks with over 2 miles of paved surface and SUV off-road training areas, as well as a complex of firearms ranges, training classrooms, an explosives range, a staff instructor building, and administrative and instructional support buildings.

The driving ranges feature real-world curves and surfaces to simulate the conditions found on streets, highways and open roads. A section of the driving range is built to simulate the conditions found in developing countries with narrow and confined roadways.

About International Training, Inc.
International Training Incorporated (ITI) is a subsidiary of Wackenhut Services Inc. Founded in 1989, ITI is committed to providing benchmark security training programs emphasizing professionalism, quality, customer service, and a fair price. ITI conducts both mobile and fixed site training in security assistance and security service programs for the U.S. Government, U.S. military, corporate America, and now private citizens. For more information on ITI or any of their courses, log on to

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