Intruder Response Training-Mission Critical Training for Those that Serve Our Churches, Schools and Workplace

Virginia Tech, Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, Kirkwood City Hall, and Columbine, are just a few names of the churches, schools and workplaces that should be places of refuge, comfort, and learning, but instead are associated with violent acts. Two million Americans face violence in their workplace annually with 1,000 losing their lives. Extremist behavior, hate crimes, and violence associated with big cities are now within the boundaries of small towns and neighborhoods we call home. Over 50% of Active Shooting incidents occur in cities with populations of less than 10,000. In response to the demands of church officials, school administrations, and workplace management, Strategos International, LLC, has developed Intruder Response Training,, programs specific for each vulnerable environment.

For more information on Intruder Response Training or Strategos International, LLC, please call Vaughn Baker at 888-569-5444 or email at

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