2010 US National SWAT Championships to Add On Call Team and Oklahoma Cup Championship Categories

Tulsa, Oklahoma (April 19, 2010) — The 2010 US National SWAT Championships has announced it will award trophies and prize packages in two new Championship categories: top finishing ON Call team and top finishing team from Oklahoma.  These categories are in addition to the overall Championship team.  Additionally, prize packages will be awarded to the winner of each individual event.  The USNSC will be held in Tulsa at the US Shooting Academy in Tulsa June 21-26. 

The US National SWAT Championships is the premier competition for SWAT teams from across the country to test their skills in friendly competition as well as receive cutting-edge training.  The competition consists of eight live-fire events over the course of three days.  All eight stages are modeled after real life scenarios.

“It just makes sense to add an On Call category as 99% of the tactical teams in the world are ON Call.  We want to recognize these teams and officers and expand the distribution of our prize packages,” said Rez Molnar, Vice President of the USNSC.  Molnar continued, “In addition, we will show our appreciation to the law enforcement community of Oklahoma for being such great hosts of this competition by awarding a trophy and prize package to the top finishing Oklahoma team.  We are expecting the prize table this year to be over $100k.  It reflects the generosity of our sponsors.” 

The USNSC is owned and managed by Advanced SWAT Training, LLC, an Arizona company specializing in tactical team training for law enforcement and military agencies.

More information about the US National SWAT Championships can be found at www.nationalswatchampionships.com


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