The Verbal Judo Institute Issues a Warning on the Detrimental Effects of Bullying

Dr. George Thompson, founder of the Verbal Judo Institute, warned parents, caregivers and teachers again about the detrimental effect that chronic bullying in school can have on a child's development.

"To truly thrive, an individual must develop high self esteem and self-worth," Thompson said.

Low self-esteem is a serious and often long-term consequence of chronic bullying.  It is also often a trigger for the bully's behavior.  Low self esteem can lead to poor social skills development and a lack of enthusiasm for school.

Watch for warning signs that your child is being bullied. 

They can include:

  1. A fear or lack of desire to attend school
  2. Coming home with missing items or torn clothing
  3. Physical signs, such as complaints of headaches or stomach aches
  4. Having difficulty sleeping
  5. A sudden unwillingness to take part in extra curricular activities.
Parents who suspect that their child is being bullied need to intervene and make sure that their child's school experience is positive. Parents should directly address the issue with the child, by asking targeted questions. Parents should listen well to the responses, and use that information to follow up with teachers. “It’s important to keep the lines of communication open, in order to gather accurate information that will address the problem,” said Thompson. The Verbal Judo Institute has launched a new program to teach children the verbal skills to deflect verbal abuse and harassment. For information about  the Verbal Self Defense – Youth Program, visit

About Verbal Judo
The Verbal Judo Institute, founded by Dr. George Thompson in 1983, trains people in all walks of life on conflict resolution via the tactical use of words rather than force. Four books have been written on Verbal Judo and over 700,000 law enforcement professionals have been trained on its methods. Visit

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