US National SWAT Championships Announces TASER Team Takedown Will Return at the 2010 Competition

Tulsa, Oklahoma (April 27, 2010) — Taser International will return to the elite US National SWAT Championships as Presenting Sponsor of the Taser Team Takedown.  The USNSC will be held at the US Shooting Academy in Tulsa June 21-26. 

The Taser Team Takedown has become one of the USNSC’s signature events.  It incorporates both the Taser X26 and the Taser XREP shotgun round, both state of the art less-lethal ECDs that have become the law enforcement’s de jour tool for confronting violence prone individuals.  The event requires competing teams to demonstrate good team organization, fitness and weapons skills to engage a variety of targets while tasing and handcuffing an unruly ‘suspect’ in a relay style race. 

The US National SWAT Championships is the premier competition for SWAT teams from across North America to test their skills in friendly competition as well as receive cutting-edge training.  The competition consists of eight live-fire events over the course of three days.  All eight stages are modeled after real life scenarios and run head-to-head in full tactical gear.  Officers have one round per assigned target. 

 “The Taser Team Takedown is one of the most popular events and not unlike what cops have to confront every day.  We are honored have the continued support of Taser.  They make the world’s top less-lethal products.  Their commitment to law enforcement training and safety is truly impressive,” said Dr. Jack O’Connor, Executive Director of the USNSC.  

The USNSC is owned and managed by Advanced SWAT Training, LLC, an Arizona company specializing in tactical team training for law enforcement and military agencies.

More information about the US National SWAT Championships can be found at

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