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Verbal Judo Institute provides up-to-the-minute material on its members-only website ( For May, Doc Thompson and his team of trainers examine the issue of verbal abuse – whether it is bullying in the schools, in the home or manifests itself as harassment in the workplace.

“As law enforcement providers, we have seen firsthand the devastating effects that bullying can have on a community; we feel professionals like you are uniquely positioned to act as leaders and advocates on this important topic of both personal and public safety.” Membership to the site includes access articles, videos and a members-only monthly phone call with Doc and his team of trainers, Gary T. Klugiewicz and Doug Haig.

This month, the team will discuss Verbal Judo and education with Joe Whitten, a former assistant police chief from Milwaukee who currently serves as an educator at Gateway Technical College. The monthly TeleCoaching call will be held at 8 p.m. EST on Wednesday, May 12. Access information will be sent to members who subscribe to the site; it is recorded and posted to the site shortly after the event. Those who sign up for the site have access to content that is updated monthly, as well as archived training tips and full-length lessons in written and video format. For information on Verbal Judo’s professional members-only website, visit

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