Lockmasters Security Institute, Inc. Merges with Tactical Operations Support Services, LLC.

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Nicholasville, KY – Lockmasters Security Institute, Inc. (LSI) has joined forces with Tactical Operations Supports Services, LLC (TOSS), a security training center located in Woodbridge, VA.  TOSS teaches the latest Tactics, Techniques and Procedures to ensure mission success for Law Enforcement and Special Operations communities.

Founded by former FBI Supervisory Special Agents from the Bureau’s elite Tactical Operations Support Center, TOSS features seasoned elite instructors and security professionals from law enforcement, special operations, and the intelligence community.  These professionals have conducted thousands of surreptitious entries and surveillance operations in support of intelligence gathering and close-targeting worldwide.  TOSS helps customers achieve their goals through experiential learning.  TOSS classes include hands-on exercises in operational environments and surreptitious entry.  TOSS also offers security, safety and risk assessments.

LSI, the industry leader for over 55 years, in innovative, physical security education.  LSI courses cover topics ranging from basic lock picking to anti-terrorism training. 

The combination of the TOSS team with expertise in the operation of a mission and the LSI team with expertise in lock entry provides the customer with the best educational opportunities of both worlds.

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